Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The spectacular Alps!

The Swiss Alps are wonderful. This is Grindelwald, a small village at the foot of three spectacular peaks: Eiger (Ogre), Monch (Monk) and Jungfrau (Virgin). Each soars about 2000 meters above the already high elevation town. There are also cool glaciers. It was too cloudy and snowy for a trek up into the mountains on May 26, but I'll go again, for sure! There are cable cars to peaks and the hugely famous Jungfraujoch train that goes to the highest train station in Europe ("the top of Europe"). It is pricey...like nearly $200 US for the couple hour trip each way. But worth it, I hear!
Grindelwald has fun outdoor activities, from hiking to skiing. And there are fabulous waterfalls all over.

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