Monday, April 23, 2007

Going to Work in Cambodia
Early morning glimpse of the industrious folk. Well, except for the wee one below.
Dreaming in Cambodia.

Fishing on the monochrome.

Monk taking a morning bath (see soapy body and nearby water pump). I'm so grateful that these lovely Cambodians let me take such intimate pictures as this.

Dad and son cruising in the mobile mini-mart. Can you believe all this on a motorcycle?

This woman is cutting ice with a saw, in the market. I think the village people must only have iceboxes - big guess.

Lots of Cambodians carry stuff this way. We are so lucky in America.

Carrying coconuts on bicycle. Many people ride bikes to work, some with their wee kids in front and another family member behind. They must have amazing calf muscles! The more fortunate ones have motorcycles to carry the family.

Carrying hay on bicycle.

This woman is spreading out some kind of lake snail in shells so they'll bake in the sun. This is at the local market.

Man at door. Duh... just an image I enjoyed.

I had a nice long chat with this monk, in a Wat across the street from my hotel (through a kid translator). He was very interested in my life and said really complimentary things to me ("I can tell you are a good teacher...").


  1. Hi Judy!
    This is Dominique, Yvonne's daughter.

    I just want to thank you for sharing your journey.
    Sometimes we, myself included, get so caught up in our own life that we can't see anything that exists beyond it. We hurry through it worrying about what clothes to wear, what shows to watch, ect.
    You're blog is so refreshing!
    It reminds us that everything doesn't have to be so complicated.
    The more our lives are obscured by meaningless mush the further we're pushed from truly living them.

    I'm sure this trip will, if it has not already done so, change your life!
    I only hope I too can someday go on a trip such as this!
    You're blog is very inspiring!
    Thanks again,

  2. Thanks Dominique!
    What a wonderful thing to say - you made my day. Because you read my blog and responded, I feel like I've connected with a friend while in a foreign land.
    You WILL take a trip like this, I'm sure. Travelling alone is richly rewarding (in safe countries).
    And, yes, this trip is changing my life. It is encouraging to know that at age 60 life can still be full of adventure and growth.
    I hope Yvonne brings you to lunch on one of our next get-togethers!

  3. Judy: loved these photos! Cambodia was really the people's journey, wasn't it...such a snapshot of their lives. Thank you for sharing.