Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Took a several mile walk today, and this is what I saw

Lovely palapa on a sand isthmus between river and ocean. In the foreground is Water Hyacinth, a plant that once imported promptly spread like crazy and clogged many waterways - like this one.

Girl making a funny face while playing in the dirt

Interesting way to sell (and spell) Gas! The barrel is full, and I think they mostly service the millions of motorcycles.

Huh? Kinda hard to find my way around since I don't know the language. We ethnocentric Americans who only know one language have prevailed, though, because everyone in the tourism industry knows a little English. I've not seen one other American tourist - mostly Europeans and Asians, and they all get by in English. I'm grateful for all those who went out of their way to speak my language.

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