Monday, May 30, 2011

My New Best Friend

As i rolled into the Kiel train station I pondered: rent a car for an arm and a leg (100 Euro a day), get a taxi to the hotel (50 Euro) or wait a few hours for the train that would get me closer but still take taxis around to the Paiste factory and more. I want to visit both the Baltic and North Sea, too, and what a hassle to figure out about busses and trains and such. So, I got the car. A Mini! with no key, just like Malia's car - you just stick a fob in a slot and press a start button. A 6 speed manual (been a few years, but no problem). Problem: how do i get where I'm going? Answer - my new best friend, the GPS lady!! I had to get the car rental person to teach me how to start the car and use the GPS. Then, what a trip speeding along the country roads and freeways not knowing where I was going and getting used to a new car, shifting all the way (after 6 hours of train riding to get here). But now I've arrived, learned new technology, feel cool, and it was fun. And now I can go to the beaches with my new best friend! She smilingly says..."Prepare to turn right in 250 meters..." huh? how far is that?


  1. Good idea to rent the car, Judy! I cannot wait to hear about the Paiste factory. I am reading here!
    Love, Janet

  2. thanks for reading, Janet! that is a real gift of love./sister Judy

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