Monday, May 30, 2011

There is the fast ICE that is wonderful and smooth. The “DB” stands for Deutch Bahn (= German train, which is the name of the train company). The glass building is the Berlin HBF. How do people travel to the station with with suitcases on bikes?
And the slow regional RE trains that stop at every one horse town. They often give you a connection schedule that allows only 10 minutes and the famous on time German trains don’t always live up to their reputation. Twice now I’ve been 5 minutes late arriving at a station and literally ran to catch the connection – one time hopping on 30 seconds before they closed the door. No biggie. I made it and it was exciting! On the train to Malia’s I wasn’t sure when to get off so I asked someone sitting next to me what the stops were between Nuremburg and Vilsek. She wrote them on my ticket and I had her sign it as author: Lily! She drew a heart around her name. Fun to talk to people on trains. Nice to relax on trains and I’m on one now as I write this on my computer.
Which, BTW, I’m on the train from Hamburg to Kiel in the north and if you look at the sign it leaves at 13:20 but we are still in the station (see the clock)! And below the sign? People running who are undoubtedly happy that the train is leaving late!
They were probably at one of the numerous bakeries in every train station. Too bad I don’t eat gluten.

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