Monday, May 30, 2011

Teaching in Ludwigshafen, Germany

I love my students in the BIP program in Germany. They are bright, motivated, charming, professional and energetic. I also really enjoy my hosts, Kathrin and Gerhard – we enjoy meals and wonderful conversation every time I visit (think I started these annual trips, which are now twice a year, in about 2004).

I tried to find some paper cups for doing a taste test in class but could not find any at the local stores. I know they exist but I couldn’t find one on my hunting trip. Germany is excellent at recycling and I rarely see a paper cup for anything, even in restaurants. We have to separate our garbage by paper, plastic, and refuse/other. There are no trash landfills in Germany.
This year I taught brand management and this is the view of an old water tower from my classroom. One day we heard a lot of cheering outside and discovered that the winner of the German Idol competition was at the radio station in the same building. A crowd amassed to catch a glimpse of the star as we tried to stay focused on class.

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