Sunday, June 26, 2011

Animals of Mykonos Town

There are lots of ferel cats in this town and they are so cuddly and cute, but it is sad that they live on table scraps, as do the cats of Istanbul. Mykonos town is known for its mascot, the Pelican. Pedro first showed up in the 1950's and subsequently was killed in an automobile accident. Now there are 2 pelicans, both named Pedro, and they hang out in the cafes and streets. They allow tourists to touch them (as I am in the picture) and love to model for the camera - I know this because wherever they are a mob of paparazzi tourists surrounds the unmoving, seemingly careless and happy bird :-). Here is Pedro grooming his wing. We were told that one person who works in the Mayor's office is the official pelican caretaker ... everyone loves the birds.

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