Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New contest...enter to win!

Just arrived in Athens, a bit travel weary as usual. For giggles on the plane I made a list of all the travelling I've done since arriving in Europe on May 14. Want to win a Turkish "evil eye" charm for protection? Guess how many of the following I'll have accomplished by the time I leave to return to Reno on June 29 (46 days):
1) how many train rides (from point A to B, not including transfers)
2) how many flights (again, not including plane changes en route)
3) how many different beds have I slept in, including at daughter Malia's house?

Bonus question: how much money have I spent on all this in Hungarian Forint, Turkish Lira, Polish Zloty and European Union Euros? Please tell me because I have NO clue what the answer is :-).


  1. Closest person wins, right? :)

    This is purely speculation:

    Trains, hmmmmm, each way ... 37
    Flights 14
    Beds 28

    Whatever the number, what a schedule! :)

  2. Only person answering wins (thanks)! good thing I didn't move as much as you think I did or I'd be really exhausted...
    Answer: 12 trains, 11 flights, 16 beds
    was misleading because i spent the first two weeks in Mannheim (except for one trip to Malia's) and the big travelling happened later.