Thursday, June 23, 2011

Name that Pillar

Ionian, Doric, Corinthian...we saw the pillar rock stars but couldn't remember which was which. See if you remember...also are some pillars made in the image of women. Fantastic foundations of the world's architecture.


  1. Top left is Doric, the top right is Ionic. Corinthian not pictured has the leaves. :)

  2. From Susan in an email: I read your blog and I have an answer for you for the pillars:
    large, bulky pillars with no ornamental design on top are the oldest and are called Doric
    slender pillars are more recent (still ancient) and are called Ionic
    slender pillars with curlicues on top (more Roman) are Corinthian.
    the women pillars are on a temple called the Erecthieum at the Parthenon (WOW!!) not far from my favorite temple: Athena Nike