Thursday, June 23, 2011

Athens...our roots

Being here is like walking into a history book. We went straight to the Acropolis - a huge site with many important ruins. WOW. Here is the Parthenon, up on the top of the rock wall and again up close. the cranes are there because they are fixing an earlier renovation. Amazing that these structures stand after earthquakes, wars, and the fighting Greek gods! Seeing this brought thoughts of the trial of Socrates, which happened here (defended by Aristotle), and all the legends of Greek mythology such as the struggle between the goddess Athena and Posiden. The other structure pictured here is the famous Greek theater of Dionysis. It is renovated and currently used for events. Beyond it is Athens..."Athina" as called by the Greeks and named after the Goddess Athena. I really loved that I saw Jews, Muslims, and Christians all here admiring the ruins of a society that believed in polytheism.

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