Saturday, June 11, 2011

Street Fun

Today I took the public transportation from Buda (the hilly side of Danube) to Pest (the plain side where 2/3 of the population lives). My goal: a boat trip in the Danube (which is no longer "blue," BTW). On the way I met Mick, a guy from the sovereign state of Georgia (between Russia and Turkey), who is a real free spirit. He makes beautiful necklaces from small flat stones with spiritual symbols on them, such as OM and spirals and yin/yang. We spoke for 2 hours about the meaning of life and how to be free and it was fabulous. He floats from country to country selling his art in the street and says the biggest joy is the people he meets. We toned our voices together and just had a great time. In the picture, Mick is on the right and we are joined by one of 4 men from UK who came along and were really funny and lively (and a bit tipsy).

Another cool street thing - Hungarian chilis on a string and dried red sweet bell peppers - the latter is what Hungarian Paprika is made from - and comes in sweet or spicy varieties.

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