Friday, June 10, 2011

Budapest Rocks!

This city is awesome! The buildings are beautiful, ranging from old Europe to Art Deco and more. The city is divided into two sections: Buda (the hills) and Pest (the plains), divided by the lovely Danube River. There are so many things you'd expect in a great city: history, art, music, parks, a zoo, and what you wouldn't expect...lots of thermal baths (hope to visit one tomorrow). These are some pictures of the buildings (in order, the Synagogue in the old Jewish area that was a getto during the war, the Museum of Terror marking atrocities during the war and communist times, the famous Opera House, the Monument to Heroes, the Art Museum and shop)...some I took while on a roofless city sightseeing bus called "hop on, hop off" because you buy a 24 hour ticket and can get off to see a museum or whatever and then catch the next one. A great lazy way to get an overview. Tomorrow I'll take the companion 1 hour Danube Cruise. The pic of the Heroes is a monument celebrating the Magyar tribes that founded Hungary, along with Angel Gabriel watching over them. What an awesome place!

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